Director’s Statement

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The Curriculum Development and Instructional Materials Centre (CUDIMAC) was formally established in June 1972 to be a service centre for the Faculty of Education and through this Faculty to serve other faculties in the university. CUDIMAC was founded by The Carnegie Corporation of New York through a grant for an initial period of three years. The centre’s mission then was to service education in Nigeria generally and in the then Eastern Region (now South-East and South-South states) of Nigeria particularly, through realistic and functional education to Nigerians. The mission of CUDIMAC has since changed in line with current realities and educational developments in Nigeria. The current mission of CUDIMAC is to be in the forefront of evidence-based innovations in the development of curriculum and instructional materials, and the introduction of new methodologies in pedagogy that will be genuinely useful in Nigerian institutions of learning, while meeting the global standards, yet promoting the core values of the university, which will ensure the restoration of the dignity of man. In line with the above mission, the Centre’s core values include integrity, transparency professionalism, hard work and accountability.


Prof. (Mrs) J.U. Ibiam

(Director CUDIMAC)